Emerging Media for an Emerging Career

Emerging Media for an Emerging Career

After a few semesters of trying to get into IMC 619: Emerging Media and the Market I finally succeeded and am getting ready to wrap up another class for my MS in Integrated Marketing Communications. To be honest I found the content in this class to be extremely applicable to the industry, but currently I am not working in a position where I can utilize everything I learned. One day I will be in that position, though, and hopefully I can take some of these concepts with me. Just because I have completed this class that doesn’t make me an expert on the field of Emerging Media and the Market, but I am now aware of the areas I need to study and become knowledgable in for my future career goals to become a reality.

Ultimately I would like to work for a non-profit organization, specifically one that focuses on education. One big take away from this class that will help me in my future career aspirations is the power of storytelling. I think storytelling is essential for “marketing” non-profit and service organizations because it helps people feel connected to the cause on a more basic and human level. I use marketing with quotation marks because I think sometimes the term marketing just makes it seem like a company is trying to sell a product or service in whatever way they can. This is certainly a misconception about the field, but one I don’t like to associate with non-profits.


I don’t think I ever really realized just how much of an impact storytelling has had on me as an individual. One of my new favorite ways to pass the time (social media gets old every now and then) is to watch Ted Talks. I absolutely love the sharing of ideas. What makes some of the talks really amazing, though, is that information is shared through storytelling and it is incredibly powerful.

Check out two of my favorite talks (the speakers excel at using stories to enhance their research):

Shawn Achor: The Happy Secret to Better Work

Sir Ken Robinson: How Schools Kill Creativity

Now try not to get addicted to this site 🙂


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