It’s All About The Chemistry

It’s All About The Chemistry

While I was perusing the good old Internet for some inspiration for my next post, I came across this Periodic Table of Content Marketing that was just too amazing not to share. Published by Chris Lake on the Econsultancy Blog, This table is clearly divided and easy to understand – a great tool for someone who is fairly new to the world of marketing. Sure, as a Millennial there is a certain amount of knowledge and knowhow I have accumulated just from growing up in the information age, but when it comes to looking at the digital landscaScreen Shot 2015-04-06 at 10.30.45 PMpe, the “what” questions seems to overshadow the “how” and “why” questions. There seems to be a big focus on what the content is, but little focus on how it was created and why it is important.

This table takes a concept we are slightly familiar with (you don’t have to be a science wiz to remember the significance of the Periodic Table of Elements) and inserts the key elements of content marketing. This is a creative yet effective reference and check list. I think I will be holding on to this one.

Instead of elemental groupings like noble gases and alkali metals, on the Periodic Table of Content Marketing the groupings include:

1. Strategy

2. Format

3. Content Type

4. Platforms

5. Metrics

6. Goals

7. Sharing Triggers

8. Checklist

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 10.12.51 PM


One thought on “It’s All About The Chemistry

  1. Wow, what a great and creative concept – The Periodic Table of Content Marketing. This is the type of thing I may print out and hang in my cube. The organization of information is key. Helpful infographics arranged in such a way that is easy to understand, remember, and reference work as great tools and great marketing at the same time. The seven steps are equally helpful and well packaged.

    Speaking of creative, your headline is great and immediately draws the reader in, especially with how it ties in with the theme of the article. This is also important in a world full of click-bait, readers never like to click and then discover they were lured in by a false pretense….it is a quick way to lose readers and never get them back. The way you set it up and the flow of the article was spot-on.


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