Consumers Rule the World

Consumers Rule the World

There is no use denying it – we live in the age of the consumer.

This is the consumer’s world and everyone else is just trying to become a part of it. Part of what makes consumers so powerful now is the fact that they have more options, but with so many companies trying to sell different products and services, how does one stand out from the other?

Consumers today are more connected to the products and services they purchase because these things help to form an identity, or a personal brand. (That’s right…brands aren’t just for big companies anymore). Because consumers are more connected to the things they purchase, this means they are also likely to be more connected to the companies/brands that sell the things they purchase. This is where emerging media comes in to play.

When it comes to making purchasing decisions, consumers aren’t just looking for a more personalized experience, they are expecting it. Traditional forms of media tend to be more one-directional. A universal message is created and sent out in some form (print, radio, television) or another to mass audiences. Emerging media, on the other hand, blurs the distinction between individual and mass audiences.

Take Kroger for example. They may send out a weekly circular ad, but I don’t subscribe to a newspaper so I wouldn’t know. What I do know is that I have a Kroger Card that keeps track of my purchases. From that card, Kroger can see what products I purchase most frequently then they send me coupons for those products, or for products they think I would like based on previous purchases. This is much more beneficial to me as a grocery store shopper, and as a consumer it makes me feel like they care about having me as a customer.

1386209586000-002KROGER-CARDJPG           photo

That is just one small example of how emerging media is shaping the way we live. Are there any companies or brands that have reached out to you and made an impression?


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